September 13, 2016 – General Membership Meeting Minutes

Regional Alarm Systems Integrators Association
General Meeting Minutes –September 13, 2016

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:53pm by President Paul Costakis

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

President’s Report –Paul Costakis

Welcomed everyone especially to Past Presidents and their guests for coming out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the association. 1st meeting of the Westchester County Alarm Association was held on 9/9/86. Dan Budinoff 1st President.

NYSESA Annual Conference – Was held 8/24-8/25. Next year it will again be at Turning Stone and will be held 8/29 - 8/30.

Secretary’s Report – Andrew Elio

Last general membership meeting was June. Elections were held. Slate as proposed was accepted. No minutes to present as meeting was adjourned after elections. Casino Night followed.

Treasurer’s Report –Dan Taylor

Doing well

Training Report – Joseph Hayes

In newsletter. AIS next week, PFAD in October. EAC end of November

Legislative Report – Andrew Elio, Paul Costakis and Don Fait

Nothing new to report

Membership Report – Paul Costakis

At approx. 62 members.

Communications – Newsletter/Website (Jason Etter) September issue is in production. Website now has an About RASIA area which now includes a Wall of Presidents.

Other Committee Reports:


Old Business:


New Business:

ISC East 11/16-11/17, Next meetings 10/11 and 11/8
SARRG - New provider/underwriter providing full service insurance needs

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:21pm by Andrew Elio and seconded by Dan Taylor. Motion Carried.